Friday, August 3, 2007

StockDoubling Weekend

Hello StockDoubling members,

8 more trading days for DFNS. Before the big news arrives. Hopefully its really good news for us.

Those that are now just following us check out the April 9th edition of the blog at for information on DFNS.

If the news is good picking it up at .59 should be good trade. If the news is bad it could be a little while before we see those prices again.

We will see how it works out. Just put yourself in front of good opportunities hopefully this is one of them.

Remember to check out the site today or early Saturday.

I will be raising the price on Saturday to $97. (Currently just $47)

It is almost 1 hour worth of videos on how I find stocks to buy for my own account and for the stockdoubling project. If you plan on trading for years to come it is a great tool to use to evaluate stocks.

Have a great weekend.
Steve Hoven

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