Friday, August 17, 2007

wild market

DFNS took a hit yesterday with the rest of the market.

It was a wild ride on the DOW.
And with the Fed cut rates has helped stocks a bit.

Its a good thing I didn't sell DFNS to buy CAGC. It got hammered after its earnings.

And was way down yesterday. A great buying opportunity for those willing to hold for a year+.

The company projects about .32 EPS this year based on the outstanding shares now. Not a ton of downside unless the market crashes or something. Their 2nd quarter was disappointing but I think it will still do quite well over a year+.

They had a conference call you can listen to via yahoo if you are interested in the stock check that out first. (I haven't listened to it yet.)

Due to the death of my wife grandmother (92). I will be traveling and attending the funeral etc.. so unless something MAJOR happens with DFNS I won't be having a blog on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Have a great weekend.

Steve Hoven

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