Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sold some DFNS IRA shares

I sold my shares I had in my IRA for DFNS.

(4700 shares at .64)

I wanted to free up some cash for the monthly stock selections I will be having hopefully later this month or after Labor day.

I still feel confident in DFNS. However I don't know that it will run too high unless they get some big order announcements.

I also didn't like the fact I was 100% into DFNS and didn't have any cash on the sidelines or another stock. (I still own the 8000 shares of DFNS for the stockdoubling project and another 2450 shares for my personal account.)

We could be stuck in the .50-.70 range for a while unless we see some news from the company on new orders etc..
The revenue # was GREAT. The earnings # was OK at best. Without the big tax issues I think we would have seen .70+ today.

The company should come out with a Press release either today or tomorrow I would think just giving their thoughts and future comments which could bump the stock a little bit.

Next earnings release isn't until mid Nov. I will give projections on that in future blog postings etc...

Currently I am sitting tight on the stockdoubling project shares.

I don't see a reason why it should trade less than .50 but don't see a reason why it should trade more than .70+ right now either. UNLESS WE GET SOME MORE NEWS ON ORDERS FROM THE COMPANY!

Have a good trading day
Steve Hoven

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